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  • Your First Program
  • Getting started with Google Apps Script Projects Course
    Introduction Google Scripts Projects3:44
  • Introduction to Google Apps Script
    Start Google Apps Script1:19
    0 Google Apps Script Introduction2:35
    1 Getting Started with Apps Script3:51
    2 Apps Script Editor7:24
    3 Create a Document6:38
    4 Create a Spreadsheet4:34
    5 JavaScript in Apps Script Variables5:19
    6 JavaScript in Apps Script Arrays6:06
    7 JavaScript in Apps Script Objects4:42
    8 JavaScript in Apps Script Functions3:41
    9 JavaScript in Apps Script Conditions3:31
    10 JavaScript in Apps Script Loops2:46
    11 Apps Script Coding3:18
    12 Create a Web App5:54
    13 Google Apps Script Email4:31
    14 Google Apps Script Calendar3:27
    15 Google Apps Script Drive6:56
    16 Google Apps Script Conclusion22:25
  • Form Submission auto response with Google Sheets and Apps Script
    0 Introduction Google Scripts3:29
    1 Google Forms Setup4:59
    2 Send Email via Script9:03
    3 Setup Trigger v27:05
    4 Copy to another Sheet8:55
    5 Copy content on Submit4:33
    6 Sheet data sorter4:38
    7 Check Sheet Data for Value7:17
    8 Quick Fixes and Updates2:13
    9 Update Spreadsheet UI3:58
    10 Conclusion Spreadsheet Data3:59
  • Advanced Services YouTube API made easy with Google Apps Script
    0 Introduction youTube Project2:47
    1 Project Setup Google Apps Script3:27
    2 Search YouTube3:44
    3 Use Data Results From Search3:54
    4 Create a Web App5:34
    5 Create HTML index page6:58
    6 Get Data from Google Script3:47
    7 Output Results to HTML Page4:14
    8 Output Results to HTML Page 26:19
    9 Output Results to HTML Page 32:46
    10 Add to Spreadsheet5:05
    11 Code Review youTube Project5:09
  • Spreadsheet UI email functionality
    0 Email from Spreadsheet Introduction4:38
    1 Google Apps Script Bound Script2:25
    2 Start Scripting6:59
    3 Get Values from Spreadsheet3:51
    4 Create User Object4:51
    5 Alert UI Buttons Yes No3:52
    6 HTML Template4:42
    7 Send Email Message3:12
    8 Update Spreadsheet column4:43
    9 Final Code Review5:01
  • Fun with Spreadsheet series of mini projects that are useful for many projects
    0 SpreadsheetApp Introduction2:45
    1 Bound Script Starter Lesson5:11
    2 Add More Content to Spreadsheet10:50
    3 Spreadsheet Formulas5:29
    4 Update Sheet Content7:17
    5 Spreadsheet UI4:44
    6 Finder and Replace Content5:23
    7 Finder and Replace Content 29:52
    8 Get Cell Values7:15
    9 Get Content as HTML8:11
    10 Email Spreadsheet HTML table3:32
    11 Copy Spreadsheet as PDF5:33
    12 Copy Spreadsheet as PDF 25:48
    13 Copy Spreadsheet as PDF 33:41
    14 Content Copy5:23
    15 Search Drive Files2:58
    16 Search Drive Files 25:48
    v17 Value Checker if Exists6:29
    18 Course Conclusion Code Review7:49
  • API Data From Spreadsheet
    0 Google Get Post Web API Introduction3:00
    1 Web Developer Setup5:02
    2 Write Google Apps Script3:38
    3 Get Spreadsheet Data5:59
    4 Web App Content5:29
    5 Connect to WebApp URL5:15
    6 Post Data to Sheet7:07
    7 WebApp POST3:23
    8 Add POST to Spreadsheet5:25
    9 DeBug and Clean Web App5:19
    10 Application Conclusion Code review5:28
  • Google Drive Image Gallery
    0 Introduction Image Gallery2:26
    1 Web Application Setup5:58
    2 Google Script Web App5:36
    3 Get Drive Images9:14
    4 Connect to WebApp JSON4:22
    5 Create Page Elements3:10
    6backup JavaScript Popup Image Modal Part 26:56
    7 JavaScript Popup Image Modal Part 23:53
    8 Code Review Image Gallery8:09
  • Google Apps Script Make Images HTML5 Canvas save to Gdrive
    0 Image Uploader Project Introduction2:56
    1 Google Apps Script Web App4:25
    2 Images as base646:52
    3 Base64 image client side7:06
    4 Client Side Options4:27
    5 Client Side JavaScript7:11
    6 Add Text to Canvas5:00
    7 Add Logo to Canvas2:37
    8 Upload Image to Canvas6:46
    9 Save Canvas Image to gDrive4:17
    10 Google Apps Script Save Image7:27
    11 Final Tweaks and Updates5:20
    12 Image Uploader Project Conclusion6:55
  • Google Apps Script WYSIWYG editor and email HTML maker
    0 HTML Editor Introduction4:04
    1 WYSIWYG Project Setup4:25
    2 Create a Apps Script Web App4:48
    3 Output File in Web App3:19
    4 Client Side Coding Project4:45
    5 Client Side Request Values3:56
    6 Create Editor on Client Side4:43
    7 Client Side Options Setup5:08
    8 Add Button Events4:19
    9 Add Button Events 22:42
    10 Save HTML as file to gDrive 15:02
    11 Save HTML as file to gDrive 27:10
    12 Save HTML as file to gDrive 34:59
    13 Load File Names as options3:29
    14 Existing Files Options4:25
    15 Load File Contents HTML4:18
    16 Add File Names7:59
    17 Create as PDF File7:54
    18 Send HTML Email5:03
    19 Final Project Conclusion Editor R11:13
    20 Load File By ID into Editor R7:18
  • Google Apps Script Form Submission Send Email
    0 Course Introduction4:32
    1 Google Script Setup5:06
    2 Create Form3:33
    3 Google Apps Script4:25
    4 Setup Form Trigger6:02
    5 On Form Submit4:47
    6 Send Email8:00
    7 Object Send Email6:08
    8 Final Tweaks and Testing6:26
  • Google Apps Script PDF uploader Project
    0 PDF Uploader Project Section3:03
    1 Getting started with Apps Script3:41
    2 Create a simple Script6:14
    3 Spreadsheet App11:59
    4 Update Spreadsheet content4:52
    5 Get Content from Spreadsheet7:52
    6 Add Content to Spreadsheet7:23
    7 Spreadsheet content4:57
    8 Create Web App6:00
    9 Templated HTML webApp7:33
    10 Sheet Values on Client Side8:29
    11 Upload PDF to Drive8:36
    12 Upload PDF to Drive 29:56
    13 Upload PDF to Drive 37:30
    14 Project Review Conclusion10:33
  • Google Sites
    Quick Start Google Sites0:57
    0 Google Sites Introduction3:42
    1 Introduction to Google Sites2:29
    2 Getting Started with Sites4:21
    3 Looks and Feel Themes4:02
    4 Page Layouts4:26
    5 Add more Pages6:14
    6 Publish Site2:47
    7 Delete Restore Site2:39
    8 Add Images, Files and Scripts5:40
    9 Add Google Script Web App4:23
    10 More Content Options25:00
    11 Google Sites Conclusion2:49
  • Gmail App Class Get Email Threads Email Image Project
    0 Image Gmail to Drive Project Introduction section1:51
    1 Get inbox threads5:14
    2 View GmailThread Info7:33
    3 check for attachments7:49
    4 Copy Image To GDrive5:02
    5 Move Emails Add Labels5:34
    6 Get Active User2:28
    7 Move Image to Folder Project 16:37
    8 = Move Image to Folder Project 28:57
    9 Code Review and Conclusion5:20
  • WebApp Sheet data as API
    0 Sheet Data as JSON API Introduction3:17
    1 Create Google Script3:52
    2 Use HtmlService createHtmlOutput8:26
    3 parameters in the URL6:28
    4 Client side - Server Side Code5:31
    5 Output from a file8:30
    6 Spreadsheet Data8:21
    7 Spreadsheet Data 22:33
    8 Data as JSON Output5:09
    9 SheetData as JSON Output2:37
    10 WebPage Connection Fetch6:10
    11 Request parameters3:18
    12 Request parameters 24:52
    13 Sheet Data as JSON API Conclusion1:19
  • Google Apps Script Consent Form Exercise - JavaScript Cloud
    Introduction Google Apps Script Consent Form Exercise2:30
    1 Setup Google Script4:23
    2 Developer Environment11:44
    3 HtmlService Output HTML6:15
    4 HtmlService Try and Catch2:34
    5 HTML form submission to GS9:16
    6 Google Script RUN5:19
    7 SpreadSheet App add data10:06
    8 Send and Email with PDF of Doc10:28
    9 Add to Sites4:59
    10 Source Code Overview6:18
  • Google Sheets as JSON data source for JavaScript
    0 Spreadsheet as JSON introduction2:07
    1 SpreadSheet Setup4:33
    2 Google SpreadSheet as JSON5:12
    3 JavaScript Fetch JSON5:48
    4 Get JSON Promiseall JavaScript Example9:59
    5 Code explained JavaScript Map8:15
    6 Code explained JavaScript Promise All5:59
    7 Spreadsheet Data Clean Up JSON10:58
    8 Build the object using Sheet name4:20
    9 Output Sheet data to HTML5:03
  • Google Apps Script - Project Exercise Spreadsheet web app Team Site on Sites
    0 Team Site Introduction2:21
    0 Google Script Google Sites Project23:07
    1 Google Apps Script Introduction4:02
    2 Google Apps Script Create First Script5:50
    3 Run your Script make things Happen10:23
    4 Output HTML Create webapp5:31
    5 Create Index page as HTML7:29
    6 Get user Session Email1:24
    7 Build Client Side Code JavaScript5:30
    8 Get Spreadsheet content to client side8:40
    9 JavaScript Build Post Output4:15
    10 Build Output Items4:10
    11 Bring web app into Google Sites6:32
    12 Submit a new post to Spreadsheet6:25
    13 Send Data to Google Script8:58
    14 Google Script Sort Column Data5:01
    15 Detect URL parameter Page number5:51
    16 Add Pagination Pages for posts28:32
    17 Add Pagination Pages part 26:19
    18 Add Pagination Pages part 3-211:30
    19 Application Tweaks3:43
    20 Remove Record from Spreadsheet7:23
    21 Update Spreadsheet data remove row6:28
    22 Date Sort Bug Fixes3:23
    23 Style and Updated View Content7:50
    24 Final Tweaks6:47

Explore the Fundamentals of Google Scripting & Build Amazing G-Suite Apps with 21 Hours of Content

Laurence Svekis


Providing Web development courses and digital marketing strategy courses since 2002. Laurence Svekis is an innovative technology expert with a wide range of real-world experience providing smart digital solutions online for both small and enterprise level businesses.


Google Apps Script is a rapid application development platform that makes it fast and easy to create business applications that integrate with G Suite. This course gives you an introduction to Google Apps Script. Find out how it works, get a quick refresher on JavaScript fundamentals like variables, arrays, objects, loops, functions, and conditions. Try it out and see with just a few lines of code how you can create a doc, spreadsheet access the Google Calendar add events and send emails with Script. This course comes with 16 projects that you need to build while you learn.

  • Access 233 lectures & 21 hours of content 24/7
  • Build amazing web apps
  • Connect to your Google Spreadsheet as a source of data for your website
  • Emails users with the power of Gmail
  • Track users in a spreadsheet
  • Get messages from users right into a spreadsheet
  • Share content of your drive


  • Form Submission auto response
  • YouTube API - Connect to YouTube
  • Spreadsheet User data Project
  • Spreadsheet Mini Projects
  • Spreadsheet Data as API JSON
  • GDrive Image Gallery
  • HTML5 Canvas image uploade
  • HTML editor saving HTML files
  • Simple Auto Response
  • PDF Uploader
  • GmailApp
  • WebApp Sheet Data as API
  • Consent Form Exercise - JavaScript Cloud
  • Google Sheets as JSON data source for JS
  • Build a team site on sites
  • Simple Google Sheet input


Important Details

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: web & mobile streaming
  • Certification of completion included
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Updates included
  • Experience level required: all levels


  • Any device with basic specifications


  • Unredeemed licenses can be returned for store credit within 30 days of purchase. Once your license is redeemed, all sales are final.
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